Fire Alarm Access Controls

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Alarm Access Control by Metro Saftey And Fire - serving Portland OR and Vancouver WAThe issue of access controls may not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning a security system, but it can be paramount in making the difference between a superior system and one that is excellent.

What type of controls are available?

Access to the premises can be limited to any degree that the client wishes. Some facilities may require controlled access to all doors and/or entry ways, while others may allow general access through some doors and controlled access through others.

For example, a bank would not want to limit access to all doors because they would want their customers to be able to enter the building through the main lobby doors to conduct their business.

However, they would not want to allow unlimited access to all areas of the bank for obvious reasons. In this instance, bank management would want to have controls in place to ensure that only authorized persons could use certain doors for entry.

On the other hand, other businesses such as manufacturers of pharmaceutical drugs or hazardous chemicals may prefer to limit access to all entrances of all buildings.

Choosing a System

When choosing a system, it is a good idea to keep flexibility in mind and we can assist with that. As a company grows, or as changes in staffing occur, access controls may need to be expanded or modified. We make sure that security is not compromised with growth.

We also provide monitoring and reporting services on activities at all limited access points.

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