Fire Alarm System Monitoring

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Fire Alarm Monitoring by Metro Saftey And Fire - serving Portland OR and Vancouver WAWhen materials erupt into flames or begin to smolder and release smoke and heat, a properly installed and maintained fire detection system sends a signal to the alarms, which blare out an audio warning and may flash lights to alert people in the vicinity to danger. What happens next may determine whether the property receives extensive damage or the fire is controlled as quickly as possible. Fire alarm monitoring is an essential part of the entire emergency system.

Why Use a Fire Alarm Monitoring System?

With the omnipresence of cell phones these days, it probably would not take too long for an employee or visitor to call 911 and alert the authorities that a fire has broken out on the property. However, by the time they evacuate and get over the shock of the fire alarm bells, precious minutes may have passed by.

Modern technology in the fire prevention industry has provided the perfect solution for this potential problem. Fire alarm monitoring perfectly integrates notifying authorities and other parties with the fire detection and suppression systems.

The moment a temperature sensor in a materials warehouse senses an unexpected rise and heat or one in a commercial kitchen identifies excessive flame, the fire alarm triggers to tell people to get out. With fire alarm monitoring system in place, that sensor also triggers a wired or wireless communication set up that calls the fire department, the property manager or building owner, or other designated numbers.

Instead of waiting minutes for a fearful employee to fumble out their own and dial for emergency help, a fire alarm monitoring system notifies authorities within 30 to 60 seconds. This facilitates a much faster response time overall and less property destruction and damage.

How Does Fire Alarm Monitoring Work?

While some older types of monitoring systems use phone lines to contact authorities and other important people when a fire begins in a building, we at Metro Safety & Fire, Inc. offer and install the latest and most up-to-date systems that use radio technology instead. This is fully wireless and works in more settings than other options.

Radio monitoring allows even rural buildings to communicate quickly with fire departments. It also avoids potential interference issues that could be found with wireless Internet transfers. The overall cost of radio-based fire alarm monitoring setups is also lower over the lifetime of the fire alarm system.

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