Fire Extinguisher Installation

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Fire Extinguisher Installation by Metro Saftey And Fire - serving Portland OR and Vancouver WA
Business owners and property managers hold the most responsibility when it comes to keeping the buildings, surrounding area, and people safe from any disasters or accidents. One of the most horrible possibilities is a fire breaking out. The first line of defense against potentially devastating flames is a proper fire extinguisher installation in every part of the building.

Choose the Right Fire Extinguisher Types

Many types of materials can burn and each one carries a unique classification that professional fire extinguisher installers understand. These include Class A, B, C, D, and K. Different types of extinguishers need to be on hand for the particular class of fire that is likely to break out. For example, an ordinary office is more likely to have a Class A fire, which includes flammable materials like paper, wood, and plastics. A hotel kitchen needs and extinguisher that can handle Class K fires, which include cooking oils and grease.

Fire Extinguisher Installation Methods

Besides choosing apparatus appropriate for the most likely types of fires, and practicing the proper maintenance procedures, the most important criteria for installation is convenient placement. If flames erupt in any area of the building or complex, a portable fire extinguisher must be on hand for quick and ready to use.

Fire extinguisher installers can install metal and glass cabinets either on or in the wall specifically designed to house fire extinguishers properly. The glass front is designed to be broken if there is a fire and remains tamper proof at all other times. Another option is a set of metal mounting brackets. The pressurized canister rests securely in these until it is needed in an emergency situation.

Proper fire extinguisher installation at a commercial, medical, multi-unit residential, or industrial building or complex requires two main characteristics. First, the appropriate type of extinguishers with contents that handle the right type of burning materials must be on hand. Secondly, the professional fire extinguisher installers must choose the right brackets or cabinets to hold the extinguisher at the ready in case of emergency.

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