Pre-Engineered Suppression Systems for Paint Booths

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Paint Booth Suppression Systems by Metro Saftey And Fire - serving Portland OR and Vancouver WAOne of the most combustible places on the planet lies within a paint booth. It is here, while the finishing touches are beautifully applied to cars and trucks, that the tiniest spark can spell disaster.

For this reason, some states have enacted legislation requiring that spray paint booths have pre-engineered suppression systems installed.

How do paint booth fire suppression systems work?

Spray paint booths are a big part of the automotive body repair industry, giving them special risk factors of their own. Many of them do their greatest volume of work in summer months when the weather is hot.

When a catalyst occurs to create a spark in a spray paint booth, there is often no time to react before danger hits. A properly installed, pre-engineered suppression system can remove the need for a human reaction because it reacts automatically, usually with a dry chemical compound, to put out the fire and save lives.

Experienced Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression System Distributors

Our systems are versatile and can be designed to fit the needs of any spray paint booth. They are available in either electrical or mechanical detection and employ total flooding or local application methods. Two extinguishing options are available to the buyer, along with multiple tank capacities for fire hazards classified as Class A, B, or C that can be configured to a wide variety of industrial needs.

Businesses engaged in the use of spray paint booths owe it to themselves to contact us for a quote on a suppression system. We also provide regular inspection and maintenance services.

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