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When considering a complete system of fire protection services, contacting professionals with the experience and knowledge necessary makes sense. A fire extinguisher that works well for regular material fires may suit an office space but would be woefully inadequate in a vehicle paint shop or industrial chemical plant.

The necessary protection services encompass many types of fire and life safety protection systems and equipment that work together to provide maximum coverage for an entire building or property. Not only does the right hardware need to be in place, but the most effective detection, alarm, and monitoring systems need to be constantly kept up-to-date, in good condition, and compliant with all local and state ordinances.

Regular inspection and maintenance is a required part of the entire fire and life safety protection service package. Certified professional technicians with the knowledge and experience to service a wide array of systems and other fire and life safety protection products, which provide fire and life safety protection to all the people that occupy a building.

Fire Extinguishers by Metro Safety And Fire - serving Portland OR and Vancouver WA

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguisher service includes thorough inspections to make sure every physical component necessary for use is in place, unworn, and undamaged. This includes everything from the ring pin that is pulled to activate the extinguisher to the instruction label on the cylinder itself.

Fire alarm systems by Metro Safety And Fire - serving Portland OR and Vancouver WA

Fire Alarm Systems

For fire alarm services of any type, we approach every project individually and explore its unique needs before offering the best solution. Maintenance services such as these save lives, protect property, and keep insurance premiums low. Our goal is to deliver the best services to every client whether their needs are small or large.

Fire sprinkler systems by Metro Safety And Fire - serving Portland OR and Vancouver WA

Fire Sprinkler Systems

A full coverage fire sprinkler system is one of the most beneficial methods of preventing fire growth and spread. Sprinkler head heat detection activates sprinklers to deliver water to the fire to extinguish it or to contain it until the fire department arrives.

fire suppression systems by Metro Safety And Fire - serving Portland OR and Vancouver WA

Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression systems of various types have been developed to provide different applications for specific hazards and fire code requirements. If a building has a fire suppression system installed, it needs a uniquely experienced technician to service it.

Fire and Life Safety Accessories by Metro Safety And Fire - serving Portland OR and Vancouver WA

Fire and Life Safety Accessories

There is more to fire safety than water or chemical suppression agents. To keep employees and site visitor’s safe and minimize the chance of catastrophic damage, products like fire extinguisher cabinets and fire exit signs must also be installed.

Wireless Radio Alarm Monitoring by Metro Safety And Fire - serving Portland OR and Vancouver WA

Wireless Radio Alarm Monitoring

Sending for help quickly to the responders is crucial. People now trust the reliability of the new fire alarm radio monitoring to send alarm signals from the fire alarm panel to the monitoring service. Utilizing radio technology is a more efficient system than the older technology offered by the internet or phone systems.

Fire Suppression Systems by Metro Safety and Fire - Serving Portland OR

MIC Remediation Prevention

Without testing your Fire Sprinkler systems for MIC, there is really no way to tell how long your system will last or how long until it needs to be replaced. Is it functioning properly right now?

Private Fire Hydrant Maintenance with Tips Provided by Metro Safety and Fire - Serving Portland and Beaverton OR, Vancouver and Longview WA

Private Fire Hydrant Maintenance

A fire hydrant (sometimes called a fireplug) is a valve connection on a water supply system that is used to supply hose and fire department pumpers with water. Hydrants shall be tested annually to ensure proper functioning.

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