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The sight of flames or smoke gives a clear indication that something has gone very wrong and needs immediate attention before a more extensive disaster occurs. However, many fires start outside the view of employees or site visitors. This necessitates the installation of quality fire alarm systems that alert people in the vicinity and the local fire department to speed response and minimize damage and injury.

Fire alarm services have two main goals. With their loud sounds and eye-catching strobe lights, everyone in the building must be alerted quickly to evacuate or take other precautions as necessary. The other important reason to have properly installed and maintained fire alarm systems must do with local ordinances, legal compliance, and insurance rates. While the latter reason may seem less important than getting all employees to safety in the case of a disaster, they still must be considered during the installation, inspection and testing, and monitoring services.

Hiring a company like Metro Safety & Fire, Inc. that has experienced and knowledgeable technicians that understand all the ins and outs of fire alarm systems gives peace of mind. Not only will the property or building have protection against legal fines and insurance increases, but every person who walks through the doors will be safer because they will be alerted quickly in the case of a fire.


A fire alarm system’s installation depends on multiple factors. The property itself, the structures, and objects and materials found within determine much of the layout of the system and what features it must have. The other main factor that goes into planning and integrated alarm for fire safety are the local guidelines and building codes necessary to keep it in full compliance.

Both new construction and older buildings need a unique approach to installation to maximize the benefits of the fire alarm services. A small medical office in one municipality will have very different needs than a high-rise office building in a nearby city. Installation is always completed with the least disruption possible while still delivering a quality product and appropriate setup for the building or complex’s unique needs.

Inspection & Testing

Full inspection and testing of the alarm systems will take place after installation, but should also occur at regular intervals one or more times every year. This makes sure that an unused alarm will function properly in the case of an emergency. One small point of damage can turn a small fire event into a catastrophe.

An experienced technician or team will carefully inspect all material components, circuits, accessories, lights, and sirens that make up the entire fire detection and alarm system. All commands on the control panel will be tested, fuses checked, and light bulbs replaced as needed. Any batteries will likewise be changed if they have lost some of their power. Alarms will be triggered to make sure they function when they need to.

As necessary, this will closely follow the local ordinances to ensure that all legalities are followed to the letter.


While a fire alarm that players loudly and flashlights will get employees out of the building in time, it does very little for the property itself without a monitoring system in place. As people hurry out to stand a safe distance away, some may dial 911 and tell the authorities about the emergency. Although this process is as efficient as possible, it can be faster to cut out the human element of potential shock or lack of access to a working phone.

Fire alarm monitoring alerts both the people inside and the local fire department immediately after detects smoke, flames, or excessive heat. They can also contact personnel, such as property owner or managers, by phone in case of emergency. This automatic process allows for a quicker and more thorough response to any fire emergencies, thus reducing the chance of injury or death and catastrophic property loss.

Worksites, medical centers, office parks, and warehouses can all appreciate the same sense of security and protection with proper fire alarm services installation, testing, and monitoring. Any type of commercial or industrial complex should contact Metro Safety & Fire, Inc. For help in the Vancouver, Washington or Portland, Oregon region and surrounding areas.

Skilled Professional Fire Alarm System Services

With decades of experience and accumulated knowledge, we have the expertise to deliver the perfect setup for every application presented to us. Whether a small office needs one simple alarm to alert employees in case of fire or a massive office campus needs fully integrated fire alarm systems that cover a wide area and multiple buildings, we know how to get the job done.

This owner-operated business prides itself on association with national and state fire safety and equipment organizations. Our 10,000-square foot facility houses the most up-to-date and effective fire detection and protection products and systems available in the industry. Our goal is to deliver the best services to every client whether their needs are small or large.

For fire alarm services of any type, feel confident when choosing us that you will receive the most attentive and professional service. We approach every job individually and explore its unique needs before offering the best solution for the safety and security of property, materials, and the people who are the most important asset of all.


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