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Fire sprinkler system installation in Portland OR and Vancouver WAIt may take a person several minutes to run for a fire extinguisher, read the instruction label, and use it properly on an emerging fire when they should be evacuating the building instead. Fire sprinkler installation responds immediately to flame, smoke, or excessive heat and can put out most fires very quickly and efficiently. Even if it cannot extinguish the flames completely, the National Fire Protection Agency of the United States indicates that fires that occur in buildings with sprinkler systems to 60% less damage than those without.

The Fire Sprinkler Installation Varieties

Expert fire sprinkler system installers begin the process by gathering knowledge about the building or property and the types of materials for mechanisms found in. Multiple types of fire sprinklers exist and each works best on a different type of fire.

Wet Pipe Systems – These common types spray ordinary water directly from city water pipes or a containment reservoir. The water release is triggered automatically when the sensor indicates excessive heat.


Dry Pipe Systems – Pressurized air blows out of the sprinkler heads first in this type of setup. Water follows approximately a minute later. Buildings in very cold climates or those without temperature control may use these to prevent pipes freezing.

Deluge Systems – Instead of an arching spray of water, this type of fire sprinkler installation dumps a large quantity of water at once all over the room. This is especially useful for circumstances where a fire is apt to spread quickly.

The Process Used by Experienced Fire Sprinkler System Installers

After determining which type of sprinkler set up to use, experienced fire sprinkler system installers plot out the piping that will carry the water to the place where the fire erupts. These metal or PVC pipes are installed in the ceilings and the nozzles or sprinkler heads are attached at appropriate intervals.

The entire system is hooked up to flame, smoke, and heat sensors and all necessary mechanisms to open and close valves and trigger pressurized air or water flow as needed. Before signing off on the project, the full installation and all parts are checked and tested extensively to verify it will work as intended in the case of an emergency.

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