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Every office building, hotel, nursing home, manufacturing facility, warehouse, and other building needs multiple fire extinguishers conveniently placed and properly maintained to be ready for use at any moment. Fires are unpredictable and those well-known red cylinders are the first line of defense. Not only do they do an excellent job if the agents match the material type, anyone on hand can operate one quickly with some minimal training.

The building construction and the materials and machinery inside of it determines the type of portable fire extinguishers needed for that space. A hotel kitchen will have different solutions than an industrial metal shop or a car painting company. They not only extinguish flames that may unexpectedly erupt, they are also be necessary by law and for insurance purposes.

The two major types of portable fire extinguishers include stored pressure and cartridge-operated varieties. The former can be filled with water or water mist, foam, CO2, or a variety of chemicals that put out fires. Dry chemical extinguishers are the most common for general use.

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Besides choosing the correct types, the fire extinguisher service must be regularly scheduled and thorough to ensure proper operation in the case of an emergency. All these decisions and services are handled with expert care by Metro Safety & Fire, Inc.

Fire Extinguisher Installation

The first step in any installation process is determining the types of materials or mechanisms in place in each building. For example, a restaurant kitchen may require a class B or K extinguisher designed to handle flammable liquids and oils, while a mining operation would require special Metal-X fire extinguishers that can smother flames caused by various combustible metals.

No matter what type of extinguisher is necessary, installation must be carried out in a thoughtful manner so that extinguisher is on hand for quick and ready use. In many cases, a technician will install a cabinet with a door. They might also use wall brackets.

Inspection & Testing

After a fire extinguisher is installed in a fire code required location, it cannot simply be left alone for months or years just waiting for a fire. The state or local municipality requires specifically scheduled inspections and testing. These could coincide with insurance requirements as well.

If the fire extinguisher service is not done regularly, the extinguisher may not function as intended in the case of a fire. Failure to call for professional assistance in inspecting and testing an extinguisher can result in loss of life, extensive and expensive damage, and even legal troubles if found to be negligent.

The process includes both a visual and physical inspection to make sure all the parts are present and in good repair. These include the ring pin, valve, gauge, hose and nozzle, and the safety and instruction label. If necessary, the various parts will be tested for proper use and replaced as needed.

Recharging Fire Extinguisher Service

One reason to have portable fire extinguishers recharged is when it was used to suppress a recent fire. If the water or chemical agent inside was used up, it makes sense that it needs to be refilled before it can be trusted to protect the building and people inside it once again. However, in these cases, replacing the entire extinguisher with a fresh one may be recommended. This may also be necessary for certain types of fire extinguisher agents inside the cylinder.

Fire extinguisher recharge operations may also be necessary if it has been sitting unused for a while and the pressure has dropped. The convenient gauge at the top, near the handle and hose, indicates the appropriate amount of pressure to expel the water, CO2, foam, gas or chemical in the cylinder. If it is anything less than full, contact professionals to have it recharged immediately.

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We at Metro Safety & Fire, Inc. provide all the above-mentioned services in SW Washington, NW Oregon and surrounding areas. Since 1983, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the best fire protection products and services to commercial, medical, hospitality, and industrial buildings and complexes.

With an extensive background in the fire suppression industry and relationships with the most respected fire extinguisher, suppression system, and equipment suppliers, we understand what it takes to keep a building protected. Besides offering an extensive catalog of pressurized cylinders and wheeled fire extinguishers, our professional technicians and installers know how to place them appropriately for maximum benefit in case of an emergency.

With employee, resident, or visitor lives on the line, and the possibility of millions of dollars’ worth of damage, trusting a fire safety company may be difficult. Our long-term commitment to this industry and the pride we take in proper product selection, installation, and maintenance is something we share with every client. Contact us today through our website or over the phone to learn more about what we can do for your peace of mind.


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