Fire Sprinkler Systems

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Fire sprinkler systems provide superior coverage for all types of buildings, from commercial to residential. Most people understand them to be systems of pipes that spray water down into a room in the event of a fire. Modern fire sprinkler systems are designed and engineered by highly trained individuals, using the latest techniques and programs for fire prevention and suppression.

Designing and engineering a proper sprinkler system requires using the right system for the right application. There are several different types of fire sprinkler systems that ca be used. Wet sprinkler systems are the most common, but are subject to freezing in colder climates. Dry systems are used for area where the heat cannot be maintained above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Anti-freeze system use to be used for this purpose as well, but on in a commercial application. Deluge and pre-action systems are commonly used to protect commercial and industrial applications that have greater risks assed to them.

Every fire sprinkler system that is installed today is fully integrated with a sprinkler monitoring panel, or a fire alarm panel, to protect building occupants, and the property itself from any potential fires.


Experienced fire sprinkler companies must follow all appropriate regulations and guidelines covering fire sprinkler installations and inspections. Properly installed and inspected fire sprinkler systems can reduce fire damage by up to 60%.

The process starts with careful planning. The type of system is chosen then designed and engineered according to the occupancy and hazard classification of the structure itself. Materials are chosen according to the design and specifications of the job and a blueprint of the system is created.

Inspection & Testing

Proper inspection, testing, and maintenance, is critical for fire sprinkler systems to function as intended or designed. The NFPA 25 Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems is required to perform these types of inspection. Licensed and trained technician are the only qualified people to perform these types of inspections. Inspecting and testing of fire sprinkler systems is required by law, and must be done at least once per year. Depending on the Authority Having Jurisdiction, the testing frequency could be greater than once a year.

Professional Fire Sprinkler System Services

For any business or organization in the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA areas, we offer everything necessary to feel confident when it comes to fire sprinkler systems, their installation, inspection, and ongoing testing needs. Metro Safety & Fire, Inc. only uses products we can stand behind with confidence. We have been forging and maintaining professional relationships with the top fire prevention product manufacturers for decades.

The experience and knowledge shared by our technicians and installers allow us to offer truly unique firefighting solutions to any property owners or managers of every commercial or industrial building from the smallest medical office to the largest industrial complex. Other fire sprinkler system companies cannot boast over three decades of activity in the industry.

Our understanding of proper sprinkler system creation, installation, and function means we take pride in our work and the fire sprinkler system service we do to help keep properties and people safe in the case of catastrophic emergencies. Contact us through the website or pick up the phone and call to learn more about how we can help secure any property, make it safer from fire than ever before, and keep it compliant with all necessary regulations and building codes.


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